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The Team for Union Members Like You

Pereira Wealth Management is an independent retirement services firm located in Flanders, New Jersey. Our founder, Nuno Pereira has worked for nearly a quarter of a century in the financial services industry. In that time he has carved out a special niche serving New Jersey’s Labor Union members and their families, many of whom he has served for multiple generations. Our firm specializes in serving the unique needs of hardworking Union members like you, helping you confidently plan for the retirement you desire.

As a retirement services firm, we serve our Union member clients from a needs-based perspective as we prioritize their best interests. We stand apart from other financial advisors because of our non-commission, price-sensitive fee structure. We don’t earn money for the recommendations we make or by selling proprietary investment products and services. We only succeed when our clients succeed. Read on to learn more about Pereira Wealth Management and how we can serve you.

Your Goals Are Our Priority

Your Goals Are Our Priority

Whether you’re planning for, approaching or already living in retirement, you want to feel confident that you can enjoy retirement without outliving your resources. We’ll help you identify your specific needs and goals, prioritize them and then develop a plan to pursue them. Whether your ideal retirement involves travel, spending time with family, enjoying the great outdoors or something more elaborate, we’ll help you get there. Your needs and goals are our first priority. Always.

Specialized Union Experience Focused on You

Specialized Union Experience Focused on You

Pereira Wealth Management’s financial advisors specialize in financial and retirement planning for Union members and their families. We help members like you maximize their pension plans and lifetime savings so you can retire with confidence. We do this by leveraging our knowledge of members’ benefits and the processes and benefits of their specific employers. We’re adept at selecting effective investment vehicles and strategies for these situations. When you trust Pereira with your retirement planning, we focus all of this knowledge on you.

Our Process

Analyze Your Health

Much like going to the doctor for a health check, performing a financial wellness check at the beginning of the financial planning process is key. We’ll get the full picture of your situation before we make any recommendations.


We’ve built trust with our clients by providing trustworthy advice through transparent wealth management solutions. We’ll provide financial advice based on time-tested strategies tailored to your specific values, goals and preferences.

Review Consistently

Once we’ve developed and begun implementing your personalized financial or retirement plan, we don’t stop there. We’ll continually review and monitor your progress as you pursue your financial goals and objectives.

Support the

Your financial focus and the market, will inevitably change over time. We’ll be there for every step, at every stage to support your overall plan. We’ll make the necessary adjustments to your portfolio to help keep you on track.

Meet Nuno Pereira

Nuno Pereira is a Certified Trust and Fiduciary Advisor (CTFA) and is the founder of Pereira Wealth Management. Nuno has over 24 years of experience in the financial services industry and also holds his Series 24, 65, and 63 Registrations. Before founding Pereira Wealth Management, he served as the Division Vice President and Northeast Regional Manager at Scarborough Alliance Group. Over the years Nuno has honed his industry knowledge and skills to better serve the planning needs of Union members and their families.

Understanding Fees

It’s important to understand what you’re buying. One of our core values is transparency and education. We’re committed to being upfront about what you can expect to pay. We don’t earn commissions and our fees are competitive within the industry. But what does that mean for you? Fees can have a large impact on your returns. Contact us to learn more.

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Our Core Values

Labor Member Focused

We have comprehensive experience helping organized labor members harness their pensions and other benefits. We’re proud to have forged these strong, trusting relationships over many years.

Transparent & Educational

Our clients trust us to be transparent about fees, educational about how and where their money is allocated, and upfront about what they can expect as their lifelong needs and markets change.

Referral-Worthy Relationships

We don’t take our client relationships lightly. We’re invited in as family and we strive to go deep to learn about their life, handle them discreetly, and support them every step of the way.

Fiduciary & Client-Centric

We stand apart from traditional commissions-based advisors because we don’t earn money for the recommendations we offer. We succeed only when our clients succeed.

Our Partners

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Our Services

We specialize in retirement and financial planning services for Union members in the New Jersey area. We also offer consulting services, investment planning, and other key financial services for Union members.

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Our Approach

At Pereira Wealth Management, we take a transparent approach to helping Union members and their families maximize their savings and pension plans, so they can plan for and enjoy retirement.

Our Approach

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With Pereira Wealth Management, you can get more from your Local Union and employer benefits. We specialize in supporting New Jersey Union members, and beyond, to help plan for and enjoy a confident retirement.

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