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Financial Planning for Unions Members

Supporting Hardworking Men and Women

When you work with Pereira Wealth Management, we can help you and your members make the most of what you’ve accomplished together. We can help your members maximize the potential of their pension plans, benefits, and lifetime savings. Meanwhile, we help Unions provide beneficial investment options, financial planning, investment review, income planning, education, and more for their members. Together, we can do more.

Services Designed for Union Members

Helping Members Get More From Their Retirement Savings

401(k) Savings Plan Investment Review

We review and analyze Union members’ 401(k) contributions and investment allocation. We’ll compile a detailed report outlining our findings and recommendations for improving asset allocation and their portfolio’s overall performance. Then, we’ll be present for every subsequent step as we guide your members through important financial decisions.

Retirement Income Planning

To adequately plan for retirement, Union members need to know how much money they need in order to retire confidently. Pereira Wealth Management’s Financial Planners will help your retiring members determine how much need along with their projected income based on their pension, disbursement options, and liquidation strategies.

IRA 72(t) Income Distribution Analysis (SEPP)

We can help Union members find effective tax strategies relevant to their situation, such as enabling them to withdraw their retirement funds without incurring the typical 10% penalty. We look for appropriate tax strategies to help members keep more of what they’ve earned and saved, such as taking substantially equal periodic payments (SEPP).

Explore Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA)

We offer Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA) consultations and services for employees who hold company shares. This is a savings plan stock distribution option that can help enable members to take possession of their shares without rolling them over into an IRA. When suitable, this option can generate both long-term capital gain and tax advantages.

Pension Annuity
vs Lump Sum

The distribution method that members choose for withdrawing from their pension fund can have a profound impact on their finances. We help Local Union members understand the benefits and drawbacks of annuity and lump sum pension payments. They’ll be empowered to make informed, confident financial decisions in support of their goals for retirement.

Investment Portfolio Review Analysis

We offer a careful review and analysis of Union members' investment portfolios, after which, we’ll provide a detailed report and help them understand how those investments are performing. Then, we’ll discuss ways to help enhance their portfolio performance by optimizing their strategy of asset allocation among cash, bonds, and stock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regardless of income level, Financial planning can be beneficial for everyone. In most cases, however, Union members request our services because...

  • They are unsure about how much money they will actually need in order to retire comfortably
  • They want to know the optimal time to retire in order to maximize their benefits
  • They are unsure if they are doing everything they can to maximize their Union and employer benefits
  • They want to know if their investments and savings will be enough to last them throughout retirement
  • They want to know how they might improve their investment allocation strategies
  • They need planning advice for life and have questions regarding insurance, taxes, or other financial matter
  • They are looking for independent, personalized advice that’s sensitive to their specific situation.

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We specialize in retirement and financial planning services for Union members in the New Jersey area. We also offer consulting services, investment planning, and other key financial services for Union members.

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Our firm specializes in serving the unique needs of hardworking Union members like you, helping you plan confidently for the retirement you desire. You can feel confident that we have your specialized situation, and needs, in mind.

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With Pereira Wealth Management, you can get more from your Local Union and employer benefits. We specialize in supporting New Jersey Union members, and beyond, to help plan for and enjoy a confident retirement.

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